Free Card Games

A collection of free card Sylvain Labbe
Available for Android, Windows, Gnu/Linux and MacOSX.

As from September 2019 these games are no longer being updated
but the installation files can still be downloaded from this page.

If you have questions regarding any of these games feel free to send an e-mail to

Please write in English if you can. If you don't know English then write in your native language.
We will try our best to help you.


Download for Android

Net.Tarot for Android

Net.Rummy for Android

Net.Belote for Android

Net.Scopa for Android

Net.Chkobba for Android

Download for Windows

Net.Tarot for Windows

Net.Rummy for Windows

Net.Belote for Windows

Net.Scopa for Windows

Net.Chkobba for Windows

Download for Gnu/Linux

Net.Tarot for Gnu/Linux

Net.Rummy for Gnu/Linux

Net.Belote for Gnu/Linux

Net.Scopa for Gnu/Linux

Net.Chkobba for Gnu/Linux

Download for Mac OSX

Net.Tarot for Mac OSX

Net.Rummy for Mac OSX

Net.Belote for Mac OSX

Net.Scopa for Mac OSX

Net Chkobba for Mac OSX

Download for Windows Phone / Windows Mobile

Net.Tarot for Windows Phone

Net.Rummy for Windows Phone

Net.Belote for Windows Phone

Copyright (c) Sylvain Labbe

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